Photographer’s iPad: Must have photography apps

I got the coolest Valentine’s Day gift of all time, an iPad!  Being a wedding photographer I thought this would be an awesome tool to help me be more mobile.  Let’s get straight to the point: What apps (now that I have them) can I not live without?

Here is a list of them and what I love about them.

1. Contract Maker Pro

As you can see here I have already pre-loaded it with my own custom contract.  They allow you to put in “placeholders” and to hold places for variable data you want to include in your contract.  After I put in all the Client/Wedding information I then select what wedding package we had agreed upon. I simply just tap on which package and boom, it is loaded into the contract.  I have even placed a “Custom Package” placeholder that allows me to manually set a price for  client if we are making any modifications to existing package. Once all the information is set on the contract, what else is there left to do? SIGN IT, of course.  I have a stylus for the iPad which the client uses to sign.  Contract Maker Pro will then send a e-mail copy to my client and myself.  No more wasting trees!   After the contract signing has taken place, we then move to payment. Which brings me to my next MUST HAVE iPad APP FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS….


Square allows you to accept credit card payments!  This is essential to any serious wedding photographer.  Most of the time brides are not going to carry much cash on them, which leaves them with their credit/debit cards.  Square allows you to swipe a card (with a FREE supplied card reader) or manually input the credit card information.  The card holder still has to sign as they normally would, which is where the stylus comes into play again.   The fee is pocket change compared to other mobile merchant accounts.  Did I mention that the card read is FREE?! No not FREE with an asterisk, but completely free.  It does take a while for you to receive the card reader, as they are in such high demand.  As you can see from the screen shot above, you can also preload it with your rates, and even preload it with your states tax rates. This is HUGE plus when it comes to filing taxes.


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