Engagement shoots: March 2011

Can’t wait for my final 2 engagement sessions of March 2011. March has always been a busy month…

Today I was updating my iCal and boy is March usually a jam packed month for us. 4 family members birthdays, mine included.  I have several different photo ops late March, and before you ask… YES I even put pay dates and bills in my iCal. lol  Here is a glimpse of what March had/has in store for me.

Saturday March 12, I will be photographing an awesome birthday cake from The Sweetest Thang

It is going to be awesome! Shout out to Nichol of the Sweetest Thang!! That cake is then going to make its way to Kaitlyn birthday party on March 13. It will be a good photo day, as I will be capturing candids of children pretty much all day, at Kaitlyn’s brithday party.  We will even have a photo booth set up for everyone to take a photo. After that the rest of March, my weekends will be spent with my camera around my shoulder. What a better way to spend the weekend?

I cannot wait to share these images with you. Stay tuned….


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