New Gear Today!

So I am preparing for an engagement shoot on Sunday 3/20 and had a few hours on my hands so I went to The Camera Exchange. Funny how my “in and out” mentality turned into a 2 hour browse up and down the isles.

Here is a short list of what I bought:

New Lightstand

Flash diffuser for SB-600

Reflective Umbrella

Lens cloth

Lens Swabs

and a Giottos bag to hold my 2 light stands.

I know I said previously that I would not ever buy a bag that is not ThinkTankPhoto, but again The Camera Exchange does not carry Think Tank equipment. :/

You may be thinking, “Well that doesn’t sound like it was all that much” and to be honest with you it wasn’t. I just looked at my iPhone for the time and it seemed like only minutes went by. Little did I know, me and the sales guy started talking photography and that lasted quite a while.

Anyway… you will have a sneak peek of the engagement session sometime on Sunday evening.


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