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Andrea + Anthony: Engagement Sneak Peek

Today was our engagement session. Let me start off by saying, these two were so much fun to work with. It wasn’t a weird “hold her, hold him, and smile” type shoot, these two were basically in their own element and I was there to capture it.

We started out at Chris Park, and then went on a voyage through the streets of Downtown San Antonio. Running in between cars, standing in the middle of the street, and not to mention, laying down in the middle of the street. Since San Antonio hosted some of the March Madness, we got a lot of attention during the shoot. Since I was in and out of I had nine lives today, but it was all worth it. Here is a sneak peek…

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Engagement Session: Sneak Peek

Today we had an engagement shoot at ChrisPark.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather as it was an overcast day, which means a lighting was awesome for the most part.  Here is a sneak peek of them….

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